Friday, September 18

Wow! These weeks are flying by! Does it feel the same to you? In the collage below, you can find the math problem we worked on today, kids reflecting on their good reading habits and putting those reflections into their portfolios, and Domenico turning 7! I really enjoyed this week because I was able to spend time with each child, one on one, as I assessed their reading and math levels. It’s great to have that information as I make lesson plans for the next couple of weeks and prepare for conferences with you. Next week we will work on some word solving strategies in reading, revise our favorite small moment stories in writing, work to master the skills of counting on and navigating the 100s chart in math, and begin interviewing important people in the SIS community during the social studies block. Now that we’ve wrapped up Charlotte’s Web, we’ll also begin a new chapter book/read aloud. On Monday, we go to the library, so please remember to send those books in! Have a great weekend! 🙂 Warm regards, Lisa


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