Kids Teaching How-To

Hi Parents,

I hope your kids feel as good about this week as I do! Reading partners are going strong, we finally started our science unit on “Air,” students are all really engaged in the math lessons involving geometry and problem solving, and we had our first Grade One Gecko Get Together with all 70+ first graders. Below you will see a few pictures of students teaching each other how to “Draw A Train,” “Dance,” “Cut Out A Heart,” “Make A Light Saber,” and “Cut Out A Butterfly.” This gave us all the opportunity to see how important our writing can be.

Just a quick note about homework. Some of the kids are doing all of the math or all of their word study work on Monday. I love their enthusiasm, but that means that they are only thinking, reading, writing, and talking about those words or math ideas on one night instead of for four nights. Please help them to get into the habit of just one page per night. Thanks! Here’s to a¬†good weekend for all of my lovely first graders and their lovely families!




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