Happy New Year!

Hi Parents,

I hope you all had a restful, happy family break. We jumped right back into first grade with both feet this week. While there were a few jet-lagged yawns to be sure, the kids were obviously quite happy to be back together and got quickly down to the fun business of learning. This month we will be comparing several different New Year’s traditions, exploring Solids and Liquids, finding ways to correctly choose the appropriate operation for story problems, applying our knowledge of characters to raise our level of comprehension, and using some really great authors to teach us to be better writers. Whew! On top of that we continue to work on geometry quilts for refugee children living in Jordan, we’ll dazzle you with our math skills in Learning Comes Alive this month, and we are fortunate to welcome two new students to 1D…Asta and Anthony. 🙂 Hope you enjoy a peek into our classroom with the pictures below. Kind regards, Lisa

PicCollage 2