February 28th

Hi Parents,

Did you all enjoy the beautiful Shekou weather this weekend? It sure does make recesses more fun! Below are a few recent pictures from our science unit. I hope you enjoy them. The kids had fun trying to construct towers out of a bag of different solids after viewing famous buildings around the world on a powerpoint presentation. We have a well-traveled class…I heard many, “I’ve been there!” whispers as I showed them towers from KL, Hong Kong, NYC, Paris, London, Dubai, Singapore, etc. Also realized what a neat community we have when we sang Happy Birthday to Matteo in four languages on Friday!!

This will be a busy week as we reflect on our learning this past trimester and add those reflections and pieces to our growing portfolios. At the same time, we’re marching ahead with our new units. Please remember to send in a simple game tomorrow so we can prepare to write our opinion papers on our favorite game to play.

Tomorrow we start out the week with PE and on Tuesday we have our library check-out. Welcome March!!

Kind regards,



Welcome Back!

Dear Parents,

I hope all of you had a wonderful family holiday. This is such an exciting time in grade one for many reasons…children are losing teeth left and right, reading levels are climbing, conversations are becoming richer, and collaboration is really working! As we start off the Year of the Monkey, we’ll be studying data and representations in math, going back to reinforce reading strategies in reading workshop, sharing our opinions and trying to persuade others in writing workshop, and working together to discover more about the world around us in science and social studies.

It was really great to be able to sit down with each of you during parent/teacher conferences. I feel like we are all on the same page as to what the goals are for these kids for the remainder of the year, academically, socially, and emotionally. One topic that came up quite a bit, was homework. So, I’d like to reiterate here what I said to many parents last month. The reading is a must. Reading the leveled books with your child and reading of children’s classics (preferably in home language) to your child should happen every night. As to the math and sight words…yes, they are important, but they could certainly be done when you have more leisure time on the weekends. If you ever have a question or comment about the math or sight words, please send me a note on the homework sheet or an email. At this age, children are much more motivated to do their best and learn more when they have a partner. For this reason, I encourage you to save the homework until you have time to sit with your child and work through it together.

Lastly, the quilts have reached new homes in a refugee camp in Jordan. Thanks for partnering with us to make this service learning project meaningful for the children.