August 28

Hello, 1D Family. I hope everyone is safe, dry, and cozy on this very rainy Sunday.

Here are a few reminders for this week: 1) We have PE on Mon/Tue/Fri 2)We have library on Wednesday 3) We have fun everyday! I’m also posting the short version of teaching points that will be addressed in reading over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, you can reinforce these good reading habits as you read to and with your child at home. Lastly, if your child is to receive a Korean or Vegetarian box lunch, please send me a quick email, as the list sent out last week had a few errors on it. Thanks! Lisa

Reading Workshop focus:

Building Good Reading Habits I

  • The Sneak Peek: checking out the title and pictures before reading
  • When You’re Finished: talk/write/or draw about favorite part
  • Set Goals: read for longer/discuss more/stronger focus/think more
  • Reread I: reread sections to make your voice smoother
  • Reread II: reread to get more meaning from the book

Parting shot…We’re working hard to have a safe line as we make the walk to and from Parkside. We used silly stickers on the backs of our shirts to help us remember to keep our eyes forward and stay close to the person in front of us. It worked pretty well!!

Back To School

Dear Parents,

It was wonderful to start the 2017/18 year with all seventeen children in 1D present, smiling, and ready to be back in school. We are spending a good part of each day getting to know one another, building trust, and establishing our classroom agreements. This week, we will also begin the routines of “workshop” in the core subject areas, but more about that on Tuesday afternoon. For now, here is the calendar for your device. Hope you all are enjoying a relaxing family weekend. Kind regards, Lisa

1-D August 2017 -1chmdiq