September 3, 2017

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Hi Parents,
Hope you all are having a good weekend. This week’s post focuses on reading homework.

Tomorrow, the students will select a collection of books that they will change out on a weekly basis. The students will select non-fiction books, interest (unleveled) books, and books from their reading range. At the end of our reading workshop each day, they will select a book to put in their reading folder to read with you that evening. Because they are being exposed to a rich variety of materials, they will not be fluent with every book they bring home, especially with the non-fiction titles. On those evenings, please ‘share’ the reading so that your child can enjoy the book (and time with you) without it being a big struggle. We will be spending time this week learning how to “learn from pictures,” so hopefully, they will share that new skill with you.

I have done a quick baseline assessment on each child to find their reading range. Please understand that the bar for comprehension and fluency is higher in first grade, so your child may be bringing home a level that they read in kindergarten. The expectations for how they read that book have changed. I’ll be giving a more formal reading assessment in a couple of weeks that will further help me understand each child’s strengths and challenges as a reader.

Reading Homework Procedure:

Read for at least ten minutes with a parent each day, Monday-Thursday.

Write the title of the book(s) read on the reading log. (Parents, you or the child may do the writing.)

Rate the book. Three stars-I love it, two stars-it was okay, one star-not for me.

Return your reading log, book and folder in the homework folder every morning.
*Reading logs and books will not be sent home over the weekend, but don’t forget to read together everyday! Thanks for reading, Lisa

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