Sunday, September 10, 2017


Dear Parents,
I hope you all are enjoying this slightly cooler and slightly less humid day with your families.

Here are the notes for this week:
*Library books due on Monday (tomorrow)
*Swimming does not start for us until September 20, but our PE days this week are Wednesday and Thursday.
*No school this Friday for students. Teachers will be in professional development learning sessions.

And here are some of the teaching points this week:
*make a plan and read more and more
*re-read to improve your “voice”
*partners can help us “grow” our writing
*spelling those big words independently
*finding strategies for adding two numbers together
*tricks for showing your strategy on paper
*How am I like a child in, “Wake Up World,” and how am I different from a child in, “Wake Up World.”

Things we are getting really good at:
*sharing our thinking with others
*staying focused on our books during reading time
*writing independently about our true stories
*using a big voice when sharing with the whole group
*counting carefully and accurately
*being kind to each other

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