Sunday, September 24

Good afternoon, Parents. In the pictures above you can find our 1D family learning about the holiday, Rosh Hashanah. We ate apples dipped in honey and wished one another, “Shana Tova,” which means, a sweet new year. Thanks to Ella and Kai for helping us with the meaning and pronunciation. Below that, can you figure out our number of the day? We are human tally marks! Look carefully…5…10…15 and Miranda makes 16! 🙂

Reminders this week: We swim on Tuesday and Wednesday and PT Conferences are on Thursday

Teaching Points:

Reading and Writing *Continue with “Word scooping”*strategies for solving hard words*unfreezing our characters*adding dialogue

Math *finding all possible combinations for a number and then strengthening our math fluency through games *Three Towers*Heads andTails*How Many Am I Hiding

Social Studies*defining community*how do individuals work to support the main function of our school community*practicing presentations skills with our “Wake Up World” projects.

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