October 22

Dear Parents,

Many thanks to all of you who were able to come to “Learning Comes Alive,” last week. I hope that seeing how curriculum is delivered in first grade was helpful. As always, I welcome your comments, questions, and concerns.

Here are some of the teaching points this week:

*handwriting with lower case c,o,s,v,w,and t

*reading and using multiple strategies to solve unknown words

*writing to teach others by way of sequenced and specific procedural writing

*composing and decomposing 2D shapes in math as well as adding multiple addends together.

In the picture below, you can see our first science lesson about air. Students compared a bag filled with air and one without. Then, they explored air and its possibilities with  straws, balls, feathers, balloons, and paper. Finally, we all came back together to share what we had learned and to complete an observation paper, drawing and writing like scientists do. The main things we learned were that air is invisible, but it does take up space, that air can be felt, and that air can push and pull things.

Tomorrow is our library day! Kind regards, Lisa


October 16

Dear Parents,

I hope this finds you all snug and dry on this wet and windy Sunday! This week, we are all set to launch new units in math (geometry), reading (word solving), and writing (how-to books). 1D kids will turn into shape shifters, word detectives, and expert teachers!

A few notes for this week:

*Cupcake party this Monday, thanks to our poster winner, Bonnie!

*Harshil’s mom will be in class on Tuesday to help 1D celebrate Diwali!

*Our final swimming lesson for this unit is on Friday.

*Children continue to paint in Art, please dress appropriately

*Learning Comes Alive in 1D on Wednesday at 8:15

Back to school, 1D!

Hi Parents,

I hope everyone had a restful, relaxing, and enjoyable holiday with their families. Are you ready to send your children back to me and Ms. Kang? We missed them!! Below is the October calendar. Please note learning objectives on the sidebar for each subject. Also, please note the days we swim in PE as well as library days. Welcome Back! Lisa