Sunday, January 21

Dear Parents,

A happy Sunday to you all. As I plan for the week, it looks pretty great! We have been reading websites, watching videos, and reading books to learn about an animal we did not know a lot about. As we have read/heard/seen new facts, we have written them down on a planner, and we are almost ready to start writing our own expert books on our chosen animals. It has been a neat process to work with them on, and I hope that you have seen some of the work we have accomplished as the kids have posted photos to their SeeSaw accounts.

In math, we are moving up into dealing with larger numbers and gaining a better understanding of how the 100s chart is organized and how it can be a very useful math tool. I’m looking forward to sharing with you how we explore and gain math concepts this coming Thursday at Learning Comes Alive at 11:00 in 1D.

Our science unit on sound has us asking lots of questions and then exploring with objects and trying to find answers to those questions. That sound is caused by vibration may seem like a complex concept for a six-year-old, but students did gain an appropriate level of understanding as they watched different materials vibrate and noted what happened when the vibrations began/stopped. When they felt their own throats, it was like an “aha” moment for many to realize that their voices were caused by something vibrating and they could feel the “buzzing” with their own hands as they spoke out loud. This week, we will move onto how sounds can be different as we explore volume and pitch.

Also, Monday launches our Grade One AMPed sessions. Your child will learn after lunch which of his/her top 3 choices was selected and will attend the first session tomorrow. These AMPed sessions will run every Day 3 @ 1:00 for the next 8 cycles.

I hope these weekly “glances” into some of our learning each Sunday are helpful. As always, I am open to comments, questions, and/or suggestions. Kind regards,

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