Sunday, February 2

Dear Parents,

Happy Sunday to you all! As I prepare for the next 1 1/2 weeks of school, the days look to be filled with fun, new learning, lots of exploration, and a chance tell our friends how much they mean to us.

Hopefully, you all have your 100th Day poster activity instructions now. Because Chinese New Year, 100th Day of school, and Valentine’s Day are all happening so close together, we will start the Valentine’s Project in class this week. I have a little Valentine’s Day “Kit” for each child and we’ll work on cards each morning this week. Whatever we don’t finish, I’ll send home this Friday for your child to complete and bring back to school on Wednesday, February 14…Valentine’s Day. As a part of this project, could you please send in one empty shoebox with your child’s name written on the inside of the box. Please send the box to school by Friday. Thank you!

You can find the learning objectives we’re studying on the sidebar of the February calendar. I’ll also attach it to our blog.
Thanks for your kind attention!

Warm regards on this chilly day,



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