Sunday, March 4

Dear Parents,

Hello and Happy Weekend to you.
Teaching first grade it really pretty great! I was going over the lessons for this past week and was thrilled by the students observations and comments as they explored making shadows with flashlights and pipe cleaners. As they moved the flashlight around they were commenting on the change in the shadow and it was just perfect. In our spiraling curriculum at SIS, this activity and the understandings that go along with it will lead beautifully into their later lessons in upper elementary school when they study Earth’s relationship with the sun, rotations, phases of the moon, etc. Anyway, here’s what’s happening this week in 1D:

Monday: Writing Celebration 8:15-8:45
Monday: Library
Tuesday: Ricky’s Birthday!

A few key words to mention when asking about their day:
reflection, mirrors, data, survey questions, presentations, and word “crashing.” They will be taking a writing assessment on Tuesday and Wednesday, so Thursday and Friday will both be “Free Write” days. They can choose to work on bucket letters, non fiction, personal narrative, etc. Then on Monday, we’ll begin our unit on opinion writing.

Hope to see you tomorrow. Please remember we have a “no phones/cameras” policy when children perform in 1D. They need to be able to see your eyes, smiles, and reassuring body posture when they read to you rather than screens pointed at them. All of the kids are welcome to take their reports home tomorrow night if you want to record them there. 🙂
Thanks for your cooperation with this. Please do look for the flyer about Book Week that will be in the homework folder tomorrow.

Warm regards,

2018 Book Week at SIS – March 12 – 16-2ll9niy