Sunday, May 6

Dear Parents,

I hope this finds everyone well and relaxing on this beautiful Sunday!
A few reminders:

Tuesday and Wednesday are swimming days for 1D.

Thursday is normally our day at the library, but I’ve moved it to Friday due to Student-Led Conferences. One thing I forgot to mention in my previous email about Student Led Conferences, is that it is perfectly fine for you and your child to share and talk about his/her learning in your home language.

This is such a nice time of year. The strategies in all of the subject areas are coming together and the children are growing and learning so beautifully. Here are a few of the learning points this week:

How to become a better writer by studying and mimicking a famous author. We’ll be writing our own, Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day books this week as we learn about realistic fiction from Judith Viorst.
How to listen carefully to a read aloud and create mental images or movies in your head to better understand the book as we begin, The Cricket In Times Square by George Selden.
We have an ongoing study of plants and right now we’re trying to find out if we can get a seed to grow without one of the major needs: soil.
In math, we are expanding our knowledge of how 3D shapes are made with matching faces, lengths, and widths.
This week, after all of our field trips, we’ll build our own little community with 3D buildings we’ve constructed, place them on a grid, and explore maps and navigation with maps along with this project.

Again, a HUGE thank you to all of the support with the field trips! You all have been a wonderfully supportive group of parents this year.

Kind regards,