Sunday, August 26

Sunday, August 26

Hi Parents,

We are ready for our 2nd full week of school. The children are settling into the routines of 1D as we begin digging into our first units of learning. Please refer to the August calendar to see our topics of study this month.

This week, we will begin our 2nd Step lessons. These lessons aim to teach skills for academic and social success in grade one. After each lesson, I’ll send home a page that explains what was taught. These home-links offer examples and activities you can try if you want to follow up at home. You do not need to return the papers. Also this week, I’ll send a few letters explaining our learning units a bit more thoroughly. These letters will help guide your questions if you want to have conversations with your child about what they are learning in class.

This Tuesday and next Tuesday, the class will be led by a substitute teacher. I will be present, but meeting with each of the children individually to gather baseline date in the areas of reading and math. I’m happy to share that data with you at the upcoming parent/teacher conferences. This data will help to ensure that I’m meeting your child’s learning needs at the appropriate level and guides us as we set goals for the year.

Lastly, we have swimming on Monday and Wednesday, and Library on Friday. 🙂 Kind regards, Lisa


First Few Days

Dear Parents,

1D is off to a really good start! We are reading, solving math problems, writing stories, singing, playing and most importantly…discovering more about each other so we can build a community of learners. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening at one of the “Back To School” presentations. Please remember that this event is for parents only. For now, I wish you a good evening and don’t forget those swim bags tomorrow. Good night! Lisa PS…one child was absent for this photo…we’ll take another one soon. 🙂