Monday, September 17

Dear Parents,

We had something really wonderful happen on Friday. At the close of the workshop on Thursday, I asked if anyone wanted to share their story. Typically, three or four hands will go up. Twelve went up!!! Slightly shocked, we problem solved and decided to make Friday, “Popcorn Share Day.” The kids sat on the carpet with their cups of popcorn and were treated to the really wonderful stories written by their peers. I was so proud of the writing and the way it held the attention of such a young audience. They were quite captivated. After each story, we talked about what we, as writers, could learn from that author. We paid special attention to pages where action, detailed descriptions, dialogue, and feeling words helped make the story come alive for us. I missed getting a picture of one of the presenters, but we’ll invite you all in for a writing celebration after the Mid Autumn Break. 🙂

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