Monday, September 24

Hi Parents,

I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying the long weekend with their families. Just a few notes about this week:

*PE clothes on Wednesday.

*Library is back to Friday this week.

Reading Workshop: Several of the mini-lessons this week are about fluency and phrasing. To help motivate the children to re-read in order to increase fluency, we’ll be doing some short Reader’s Theatre pieces. If your child happens to bring his/her script home for homework, that’s fine, but please help them to put in back in their folder for school the next day.

Writing Workshop: Most of the children are working on their third or fourth story and really showing progress with their writing craft. We’ll leave a couple of days after break to write one more true, small moment, big feeling story…as I imagine lots will have new ideas when they come back. Then we’ll do a bit of revising before inviting you in for a celebration as we wrap up this first unit.

Math: Our mini lessons will focus on finding different combinations for a sum, but we’ll also launch a fact fluency program this week. The program will hopefully increase everyone’s strength and speed with the basic addition facts. Your child will work at his/her own level. It’s a fun incentive program that aims to celebrate each new level achieved. While these facts are basic addend + addend = sum, we’ll also be addressing subtraction later, as well as altering the equation in order to introduce how the “equals mark” can be moved around and represents a balance on either side of it.

UOI: This week, Puppy and Snail will be teaching us how to look at a person’s face and body posture to determine their emotions and how that influences our interaction with them. Also, we’ll hear stories from Ms. Kay about Mid-Autumn Festival when she was a little girl, make a lantern using the art of paper-folding, and learn a bit more about this holiday tradition of our host country.

Kind regards,


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