Sunday, October 14

Hi Parents,

There seems to be a lot going on, so I’ll do this with headings and you can read what seems most important to you. 🙂

Need to know:

This Thursday: NO UNIFORM. Old clothes/shoes for Art class.

Also this Thursday: Writing Celebration @ 8:15 – 9:00 in 1D. If able, please come to hear our authors share their published stories.

Proud Teacher:

Thanks so much for your support on the writing assessment. The kids came in with an idea and were able to “point and tell” right away. They all (100%) worked diligently on their stories for the allotted time and demonstrated their new learning clearly.

Assessments: I will be sending home  writing and math assessments to you this week in a special folder. Please have a look at them, sign the rubrics, and return them in the same folder. These are not to be corrected. But, hopefully, you will recognize your child’s learning and also see where you can support that learning at home.

Science: We will begin a Unit of Inquiry that explores what we see in the sky. If you have east or west facing windows or can go outside,  please help them notice that the sun is coming up from the same place (east) every morning and going down in the same place (west) every evening. The learning in this unit is based from their point of view as they look up at the sky. 

Ms. Kay!!! We accidentally left her birthday off the October calendar, but her birthday was Saturday. We will be making cards for her tomorrow, as she will be away, and we’ll celebrate her birthday on Tuesday. However, I also would like to invite you to write her a short note or card to add to our celebration. Her presence contributes greatly to our positive learning environment!

Assemblies: Grade One students will be acting as the emcees at every lower primary assembly. You are always welcome to come, but please know that I will send you an email letting you know when your child will be one of the leaders.

SeeSaw: We got off to a bit of a rough start as many wanted to make videos and they were way too long to load. So, Mr. Sheppard will come in and do a lesson with them on Thursday and hopefully posts will start coming to you soon. 🙂

Pictures: I’ll load some on the blog tonight if you’d like a few snapshots into our learning from last week.

Thank you,


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