Sunday, October 21

Dear Parents,

This week we are launching two new units. They are “Word Detectives,” and writing “How-To” books. The first focuses on stopping while reading when a word is unknown…pronunciation or meaning, and doing some work. The second unit gives children fun opportunities to write short sentences in sequence as they teach their friends how to draw a rocket, make a simple craft, turn a somersault…and one year…give a hamster a bath! We’ll continue on in geometry with 2D shapes, but begin focusing on the attributes of shapes. This week in our UOI, we’ll take what we learned about the pattern of the sun and investigate the patterns of our moon.

Pretty calm week…we’ll be sticking to our regular routines with the exception of no school on Friday for students and…Tanya turns seven on Thursday! Last week’s seesaw session went well. I think most of the kids were able to post a video. This week, we’ll try posting a picture and adding to it with a drawing tool and voice over.

Kind regards,


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