Sunday, November 11

Sunday, November 11

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful, blue sky day! Just a word about reading and a few notes for the week. Starting tomorrow, your child will be bringing home a leveled non-fiction book to practice for homework. They will be selecting from baskets that contain a band of levels. For instance, if your child is reading at Level 12, then she will pick from a basket of books leveled 10 – 15. Please do continue to share the reading with your child each night. Our goal this week is to carefully read the pictures and words on facing pages and be able to name three facts before moving onto the next two pages. By the end of the week, we’ll be encouraging students to read the two pages, turn the book over, and name three facts. This exercise introduces them to restating facts in their “own words.”  Please encourage them to say their facts in complete sentences as this an important skill in preparation for research writing.

Tomorrow we’re off on our first field trip. Because this is a one-to-one experience with 7th graders, no additional parent volunteers are needed. But, don’t you worry! Our spring is filled with field trips and I’ll be needing lots of help!! 🙂  

No ASAs this week and Library is Friday.

Kind regards,