Sunday, January 13

Dear Parents,

It was wonderful to be back with the children of 1D after such a long, long break. First of all, we wish Selina and Ace, “Happy Birthdays” as they turned seven while we were away. We also welcomed new student, Rohnav, into our community of learners.

Last week found the children continuing the units we started in December, but on a deeper and more independent level. With just a “mini-mini” reminder lesson each day, students are researching, taking notes, changing jot notes into sentences, and authoring their second animal expert books, all while taking it to a new level by improving their craft, producing more in a shorter time, and generally adding more information. We look forward to celebrating these books with you at our Writing Celebration this Friday at 9:30 in 1D.

In Math, we generally have two groups going at the same time, which really allows  more students to share their thinking/strategies with peers. This week, we will begin to extend the numbers we count and organize. It seems like a very long time ago, in August, when counting and organizing 20 objects was a tough task! One skill that we’ll highlight is estimating with a “reasonable” guess. Kids at this age love to be silly, for sure, but we do want to get in the habit of making thoughtful and educated estimations.

As we continue our inquiry into the structure and function of plants, I’d like to ask if you have any small, potted plants that you could share with 1D for a few weeks to help with our observations. If you do send in a plant, please label it and include instructions for watering and sunlight. I plan to take a short video with each new step along the journey of our lima bean seeds. A goal is that you will hear increased vocabulary usage at each stage. It’s really hard for me to keep my lips together and not give them the words…let’s see what happens!

I found an amazing and very affordable set of National Geographic readers last week. The children have been fully engaged with them and are learning lots of new information about their world. Please do share the homework reading time. Help them notice text features and they will teach you how to “own” the important words. Photographs are also VERY important. We can learn so much by studying and talking about pictures too!

Lastly, a huge shout out to Mrs. Sheppard and Ms. Iris. All 86 grade ones were so well prepared and focused at the concert Friday morning. Their learning about rhythm was clear as they danced, clapped, and sang. We are fortunate to have such a gifted and specifically trained elementary music teacher working with our students!

Long email…I know! But, I hope you enjoy knowing what your children are learning each week. Kind regards, Lisa

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