Reader’s Workshop

Reading Workshop comes from the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University. 

The structure of reading workshop goes as follows:

  • Mini-lesson: 1D readers gather on the carpet while I deliver a 10-minute lesson.  This is a time for readers to learn something new that will help them with their reading.
  • Independent work time: 1D readers head quickly and quietly to their desks with their book bins full of just-right books for the week.  They remain engaged in their reading for 20-30 minutes while I float through the room to confer with readers one-on-one.  In my conference, I help a reader with a skill or strategy that is specific to his reading needs at that time.
  • Partner reading time: 1D readers find their partner spot on the carpet and read a book with their long-term reading partner.  They might read together in unison, repeat after each other, or take turns. As they read, they talk about their books – their favourite parts, tricky parts, parts that remind them of something.
  • Share: 1D readers gather back on the carpet while 1 or 2 readers share their work during independent or partner reading time.  Readers select their books for home and tuck them away inside their home-school folders.

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