Typhoon Day Homework

Monday, September 17

Dear Parents,
I hope this finds everyone safe this morning. That was a long, long day of howling winds and pelting rain. Wow.
I’m writing to ask that you check in with your first grade authors today. Most have completed two true stories in writing workshop and they’re all showing lots of improvement as they learn and apply new strategies in their work. I’d like to have them write a couple of more stories before they choose one to revise and publish. But, this is when many seem to run out of ideas. They’ve written about a tooth falling out, a doctor’s visit, a dolphin show, or a favorite toy breaking, etc. and need some help from you to remember something that happened to them or something they did that caused them to have a big emotion. Something that surprised, worried, excited, saddened, frightened them or made them laugh really hard would make an excellent story. The experience would ideally occur over a short period of time….not a whole day. The shorter time frame allows them to work on writing more detailed and richer descriptions. They don’t need to write anything today…just get the story idea and practice telling it a few times…”First…and then….next….after that…finally…” Kind regards, Lisa