G1 11.20 homework

Please read the 12 months in Chinese to your parents.

一月(yuè)      二月      三月      四月      五月        六月

七月       八月      九月      十月      十一月   十二月

Please go to the First grade page if students need any help reading it.

G1 9. 9 homework

Dear first graders’ parents,

Students learned numbers(reading&writing from 1-10) and some basic “I can do” statements in Chinese. We are moving to the colors and food now. 

A Chinese bag and homework paper were sent home today. They are required to trace the numbers first,  put the missing number in the train, and then match the Chinese PINYIN with the dots. 

Please remind them to bring the everything back no later than 9.14 (Monday).


Liu Laoshi