Second Grade

 Heritage homework:

Dictation List:

Second graders moved to the fourth unit: Animals and habitats. Students will learn how to say the names of different habitats and animals in Chinese and read some Chinese fables about animals in those habitats.

I can read


Second graders are working on the unit:Welcome home. They learned to describe their home address, house rooms and furnitures. They practice with their partners to ask and answer questions.


I can do the conversation

I can say the words:

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Second graders are moving to the second unit: After School Activities. Students will be able to describe the time and date in Chinese and speak simple sentences about activities they do.

I can do the conversation

Where are you going?


When do you go? And who do you go with?


12 Months in Chinese


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what's the time


Second graders are working on different food and healthy eating habit.

蛋糕 (cake) 牛奶 (milk)
面包 (bread) 可乐 (cola)
果汁 (juice) (water)
苹果汁 (apple juice) 糖果 (candy)
西瓜汁 (watermelon juice) 巧克力 (chocolate)
冰淇淋 (ice-cream) (skinny)
(fat) 狮子 (lion)
健康 (healthy) 不健康 (unhealthy)

I can say the words:

I can say the sentences:


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We eat different hings

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