Flight Project

The Kangaroos were showing a real interest in things that fly, particularly in different kinds of aircrafts, so we just had to start a project to see what we can discover about these interesting flying objects.

We began experimenting with flight and talking about what we already know about airplanes, and the differences we notice between airplanes, helicopters, birds, kites, balloons, and other things we know that can fly.

So far, the children have demonstrated what they know, and have asked some very interesting questions, such as…

  • How does airplane land on water?
  • What would happen if airplane and kite bumped together?
  • How does it fly?
  • What do people eat on airplanes?
  • Why does it go up and down?

We have already begun testing and researching, and will continue to search for answers to our questions. We will continue to investigate and let you know what else we discover and wonder about as we continue our project.

Here is a video of some of our exploring so far


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