A sense of self

As we begin exploring our sense of self, and creating a sense of well-being in our classroom this month, it is important to find out what our 3-year-olds understand about themselves and their world. We ask children to create self-portraits throughout the year so we can get some insight into what they know, think, and how they can express themselves using different art materials.

After we talked at circle time about our faces, the elephants were instructed in how to use a selection of art materials, and given a piece of paper and a mirror so they could make their first self-portrait. The children had fun choosing their colours, making marks on paper to express what they saw in the mirror, and providing descriptions about their creations. Children are also encouraged to sign their name to all of their art work, which is important in helping them see themselves as writers in this emergent literacy phase.

It is always so interesting to compare these first drawings, to the ones they will produce at the end of the year, so we can see just how much they learn during the year.  Check out some photos of their process and results below. I wonder if you will be able to pick out your child’s self-portrait?

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