A house for Jessie Bear

Jessie the traveling Teddy Bear, who travels around to schools in different countries, arrived for a visit to the Rainbow Elephant’s classroom today. She will be staying with us for 2 days before we deliver her to our friends in PreK 2. The children were very excited to meet her, and we set about deciding how we can make sure we take good care of her, and show her some of the things we love to do at school. We also talked about how we can make Jessie comfortable in the classroom.
It’s a happy coincidence that Jessie is visiting us as we work on a house building project. The Elephants were eager to use some of their construction skills to make a special house just for Jessie. They also decided she might need a bed, a chair, a table, a spoon, and some glasses while she stays with us. The story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ came in very handy during our preparations!
You can follow the adventures of Jessie and her friend Bessie at #globaledted
Here are some photos of our day 1 of fun with Jessie



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