Adventures with our 2nd Grade Reading Buddies

Last week the Rainbow Elephants met their new reading buddies for the first time. We will be spending time developing our love of reading and getting together with our 2nd Grade friends regularly throughout the school year to take part in different literacy based activities. Our PreK 1 students are excited to be paired up with their older buddies, who will be great models for them as they are emerging into readers, writers and authors.

For our first activity, the Elephants chose books they were interested in from the Library to share. The 2nd Grade Pandas were so welcoming and even thought of other fun activities to engage their younger friends, such as drawing, playing, and showing them what they have been working on in their own classroom!

We also received a surprise delivery later in the week. A mystery bag with scrolls addressed to each of the class was delivered. When they opened them, children discovered personalized halloween messages which they proudly displayed on their art wall. We can’t wait to get together with our buddies again soon.

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