A wheely great Project!

The Rainbow Elephants have been showing a real interest in things that have wheels, particularly in different kinds of transportation. We just had to start a project to see what we can discover and learn about these circular objects.

We began by discussing what we already know about wheels. The children decided that…

  • wheels are a circle
  • bicycles can have 2 wheels
  • wheels can make a bicycle go
  • wheels can be on a bus
  • sometimes we see many wheels

We are now beginning to investigate further. We went to the library to search for books we thought could help us learn more about wheels. We took a survey to find out how many people use wheels to get to school. Ms. Melissa brought us a wheel museum filled with different kinds and sizes of wheels she found. We have also been experimenting in different ways with the many kinds of wheels we find around us.

Next, we will try to answer some specific questions we have about wheels and see where our explorations take us. Stay tuned to find out what happens.

Here is a video of some of our exploring so far


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