This week we have been exploring all of the different ways we can be authors. Telling stories, drawing pictures, writing, playing a character! The list goes on and on! The Rainbow Elephants had lots of exciting things to tell their teachers and friends about their recent winter holiday, so we decided to turn our ideas and memories into a book!

We are focusing on our learning strand of contribution this month, so it was nice to make sure everyone was included and contributed to the book.

The children told me that they know books have;




-funny ideas

The children created illustrations of some of their favorite memories from their winter holiday and described what was happening. We added all of our pages together and decided to title our book ‘Winter Holiday Adventures’ by The Rainbow Elephants.

The children loved seeing their work turned into an actual book, and can’t wait to make more next week with our reading buddies! They love being storytellers, authors and illustrators.


Here’s a look at our book ‘Winter Holiday Adventures’ by The Rainbow Elephants


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  1. Amanda Blankenship Reply

    Oh my goodness that was adorable. Way to go Rainbow Elephants and Ms. Lydia and Ms. Zoe 🙂

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