How big is the moon?

The Rainbow Elephants enjoyed another fun filled week of moon and night sky explorations. Our hands on exploring included recipes for moon sand and moon paint, and trying to make different sized moons. The big question of the week was ‘ How big is the moon?’. The children had some very interesting and creative ideas! Apparently, the moon is…

  • As big as a baby elephant
  • As big as a big pancake
  • As big as my Mommy
  • As big as the planet
  • As big as nothing
  • As big as a daddy elephant
  • As big as a giraffe
  • As big as a big trash truck
  • As big a wheel
  • As big as a big Olaf
  • As big as a rocket
  • As big as Elsa

Please make sure to check out their moon artwork outside of the classroom next week.


Here are some photos of our hands on learning this week


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