Our Classroom/Dragon’s Cave

Getting to know each other, building our classroom community, and establishing an identity for ourselves, have been the main focus during the first weeks of school. Since choosing to be named the friendly dragons, we have been thinking about what it actually means to be a friendly dragon and how we can make our classroom an exciting, safe, interesting, and most of all, friendly place to be.

The children have so many ideas already!

Here are a few snapshots of some of the decisions we have made following our discussions…

We know that Dragons…

  1. breathe fire
  2. roar
  3. are pretend
  4. are all colors
  5. live in Caves
  6. are scaley and spikey
  7. have curly tails
  8. can be angry or friendly
  9. are in many books

The Friendly Dragons are…

  1. good at playing
  2. love reading books
  3. good at pretending
  4. know how to take care of toys
  5. love the playground

Our class jobs will include;

  1. Teacher Helper
  2. Line Leader
  3. Story Helper
  4. Doctor
  5. Cleaning Helper
  6. Jacket and Hat Hanger
  7. Sharing Helper

At school we should…

  1. make signs for things
  2. write our name on our work
  3. try to be friendly
  4. remember the rules we decided
  5. try
  6. have fun

Here are some photos of our fun explorations so far



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