Pollution Project

The Dragons were curious about why we had to have indoor recess for a few days in a row recently. The air quality was low which meant it was healthier for us to stay inside.

The Dragons had questions.

These perfectly timed questions happened to coincide with our How the World Works unit, and Contribution strand, so we have started our own inquiry into Pollution.

We began investigating the different kinds of pollution and what causes it.

When we got back together to reflect on what we know now, the Dragons asked some new questions…

  • How do Trees clean the air?
  • Why do people cut down Trees?
  • Does Pollution turn into ice in the winter?
  • How does Car engine make pollution?

We are moving on to continue seeking answers to our questions, and also focusing on ways we can help reduce Pollution. We are starting a recycling center in the classroom, and are currently beginning to design and build our own recycled items. We can’t wait to share what we come up with. Stay tuned!

Here’s a video of some of our inquiries

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