Recycle Museum

Our pollution project, which emerged through our How the World Works unit and Contribution strand, helped us explore what and why pollution exists in our world. The Friendly Dragons were excited to discover some of the ways people can help pollution problems, especially recycling! We installed our own recycling center outside of the classroom and began practicing recycling our own waste products such as snack containers, used paper and materials from the classroom we no longer used. Our recycling boxes filled quickly and we started to wonder what we could do with all of our recycling! The group began experimenting with creating new objects from our waste. They also voted to create their own Recycling Museum to show people their creations and encourage others to recycle too. The dragons built the museum themselves, recorded description videos, made signs, and invited others to come and view their work. Although we are moving on from our pollution project, the dragons discussed being excited to keep recycling and telling people what they know about pollution. Here’s a video of some of the fun we had during our project





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