Line Up

Once our train was ready to depart, we noticed our track needed to have some fixing to get done.

Our cars were too close together which made the lining up process a little bit.  For this reason, we decided to extend the tracks allowing the children to have more personal space.

I am happy to report that this visual cue to line up has allowed the children to gain understanding of the routine.

After circle time, the children are invited to changed to their outdoor shoes and visit the toilet.  Once they are ready, they come closer to the back door, get their water bottle and sit on the floor while waiting for the rest of their peers to arrive. Before having the train, the children were sitting for a minute, then getting up and finding toys or things to do going around.  With the train, they have realized they have a space and they are more motivated to sit down and wait until the train is ready to depart.

Our next step, is targeting the walking in line process.  Once we have opened the door, the children walk towards it in a group wanting to go outdoors.

Lining up is important, as it represents a social standard we follow around the world.  Also, represents an order and organization skills and in addition to that, it also represents safety as there a pattern to follow and an understanding that we just need to patiently wait but we all will get to desired point.

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