Classroom Environment

One of the things we look into when designing the classroom environment is making sure the room has enough space for the children to freely transit around the it.  Also, we look for a setting that allows us to be comfortable while playing around the different areas and of course, to safety enjoy the space.

During the last weeks, we noticed our table setting was not the most effective for the Rainbow Sheep.  The tables had a big surface that we didn’t find entirely functional as it was hard for the children to reach the center of them and the materials placed there.

We decided checking the resources available at school and found a larger size table would   allow the same number of children to sit and the space would be easier and more accessible, both within the table and around the class.

The children didn’t make any comments about the change during the day, however, when snack time arrived, they started sitting one next to the other and even pulled chairs to make sure 12 Sheep ate together.

This solution did not only helped us with our space but also, allowed us to sit together and eat as a Rainbow Sheep family supporting our sense of community and belonging.

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