“We are going to the country, we are going to the fair to see the Señoritas with flowers on their heads”

We joined the Primary division celebrating the Twin/Triplet Day.

We enjoyed finding out our clothes matched our friends and we celebrated being part of the #SISrocks community!  SIS Geckos Rock!!!


Three Little Happy Monkeys jumping up and down

We match, our names begin with G, we both love keeping our backpacks in class, we are wearing white shirt with blue plants and black/blue shoes”

A little bit of red, a little bit of blue 🙂

Perfect twins, from head to toe! Hat shirt and shoes

… two turned three! Grey and white we match!

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One thought on “Twin/Triplets

  1. Thank you so much Miss Lindsay. That is SO nice to see the kids enjoying school and being all together.
    Jonas was so proud of his lantern, he showed it to the whole family. The moon cake did not have time to reach our house Jonas ate it straight after school in the car: delicious!!!?.
    Wish you, Michelle and all the staff a happy mid-autumn break?.

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