Week #28

April 02, 2018

Dear Rainbow Sheep Families,
We are happy to be back after the holiday to share our last 11 weeks together.  In about a 2 months our Little Rainbow Sheep will be ready to move on to their next learning experience.

In the meanwhile, we will continue trying to build as many learning experiences as possible, giving the children opportunities to explore, become even more independent, and develop their social skills with their friends.

A view of our week:

This week we will explore water and ice.  We will have different sensory activities and take advantage of the nice weather.

Week #23

February 25, 2018

Dear Rainbow Sheep Families,
First of all, I would like to acknowledge and thank all the moms involved in the Saint Valentine’s Day celebration in class.  The kids had a lot of fun.  They loved the cookies
We hope you had a great holiday, enjoying time to rest and recharge with your family while welcoming the year of the Dog.

A view of our week:

This week we will be celebrating the Lantern Festival and the closure of the Chinese New Year holidays.  On Friday, we would like to invite you to join us at 10:30 am to make a lantern with your child in class and to enjoy some tang yuan snack with us.

March 19: Tae’s big 3

March 23: Xavier’s big 3

Week #22

February 11, 2018

Dear Rainbow Sheep Families,

Thank you very much for joining us in our Chinese New Year Celebration.  The children started getting familiar with symbols related to the cultural side of the holiday and the traditions of this our host country.  All the children were prepared for the Lion Dance at school and took in a very positive way the loud music.  We enjoyed sharing with you some of the traditional snacks (spring rolls, dumplins, ma qiu and oranges) of this season.  

A view of our week:

This week, we will focus on Valentine’s Day. We will be discussing kindness and friendship. We will be reading stories and enjoying songs related to this topic.

Week #21

February 04, 2018

Dear Rainbow Sheep Families,

Thank you very much for your time during our Goal Review Conferences.  We enjoyed sharing your child’s growth during the first part of the year collaborating between home and school while supporting the children’s balanced growth in all the areas of the development.

In class, we are very excited about the celebration of the Chinese New Year in class.  The Little Rainbow Sheep are getting more familiar with the symbols and sounds of the holiday. Our goal is to encourage them to feel comfortable with the traditions and stories around this festivity while honoring this, our host country culture.

A view of our week:

This week, we will continue learning about Chinese New Year.  We will collaborate while making a big dragon for our class and a peach blossom mural. We will keep playing our musical instruments, dancing and singing along the traditional Chinese New Year songs.

Week #19

January 22, 2018

Dear Rainbow Sheep Families,
We can notice great growth in all the Rainbow Sheep since we returned from the holiday.  We notice a bigger understanding of English, where the kids don’t need as much body language to understand instructions and also the production of sentences on their part seems more natural.  They are beginning to use phrases like “I finished”, “look”, “please”, without being prompted during the day.

Last week, we were also more intentional with the use of scissors in the class.  The goal is for the kids to practice this skill it in a “real life situation” like opening their own snacks, however, not all the children have this opportunity and for this reason, we planned for an intentional mini lesson applying this skills.  The kids did great and what it is more important is that they are keen to come in the morning and look for scissors and paper to snip during independent time.  If you want to practice this skill at home, you can have the children cutting playdough, or paper.

The kids are mostly making snips as they are learning the mechanics to open and close with a hand while holding the paper with the other one.  As you see in this explanation it is a hard and complex process to explain and for them to acquire as it also involves the control of muscles and the strength of these.  We will continue practicing at school aiming to get better and better every day.

A view of our week:
Now that the kids have grown a bit more, they are ready for bigger challenges in class.  They are more focused, open to procedures and understanding more rules. For this reason, this week we decided to start planned activities outdoors.  We practiced a game called bulldozers and builders.  The kids move around knocking cones down and then putting them back up like breaking and building a structure.  The idea is being able to have random movement around the space being able to avoid obstacles in their space.