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Rainy Day Learning Activities

on August 29, 2018

Hi 3B Friends! Let’s keep your brain busy and engaged today, even if we don’t have school. Here’s some fun ideas for learning at home that you can do with your families.


Use things you have from home (Legos, pasta noodles, small toys) and sort into equal groups to make arrays, like we have been learning about. You can also draw a picture or use a digital tool. Write the extended addition sentence and the multiplication sentence that matches. See the picture for example:


Unit of Inquiry

Make a short video (less than one minute) showing ONE thing you are responsible for at your home (feeding your cat, setting the table, cleaning your room etc.) You can send your video to Ms. Edwards.


Read for at least 30 minutes- Record at least one thing that made you wonder (?) or excited/upset you (!) or that you loved (heart).


Write about an experience from your life.

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