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Our Week Full of Learning!

on September 7, 2018

This week was full of learning, in every subject area. Just read to see how much your child has grown as a learner over the past five days:  

Reading Workshop 

Our students have become expert predictors this week. We have learned to use the schema, or background knowledge from the previous stories that we have read, to make plausible predictions in our current stories. We not only predict what will happen in the story, but HOW it will happen. As we read, we stop and jot down our predictions on a sticky note, and then we like to go back and check if our predictions were correct. Sometimes they are, but sometimes they aren’t- and that’s ok! 

 Writing Workshop 

We have continued to move through the writing process within personal narratives.  We are planning our story by storytelling, choosing “just right” paper and beginning to draw and write true stories from our lives. Mentor authors are helping to guide our writing community in the choices we make in our own writing.


We are continuing to develop our understanding of how repeated addition, arrays, and creating sets help in making multiplication easier to understand.  Next week, we will begin to explore how repeated subtraction, equal shares, and equal groups help in understanding division.  The following “Tips for Parents” should give you a a better understanding of our current math unit: 

Unit of Inquiry: How We Organise Ourselves 

People Can Collaborate to Organise Society

This week, we looked at our responsibilities in our classroom community how those responsibilities support the organisation of our classroom. We also shared the responsibilities that we have at home, and how they support the routines of our home life. Next week we will explore designing our own school in which we are the lead decision maker. We will discuss what types of decisions must me made in order to run a school successfully, and inquire into what could happen if those decisions are not successful?

We enjoyed the “Turn and Talk” Method to share with a partner the responsibilities we have at home and school to get our minds quickly engaged into the discussion:

Mei Mei helps to cook dinner at home. She often washes the vegetables for her mom.

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  1. Carlene says:

    Wow!! what a week 3B learners! I can see you are already learning so much AND doing some great jobs to help at home! Be proud of yourselves! Have a great week this week and remember I am also practicing my times tables! Take care, Ms Hamley (Liam’s mum).

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