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Meeting our “Little Buddies”

on September 11, 2018

We had a fantastic time we meeting our little reading buddies today for the first time! About 2 times a month we will meet with our new KC Friends from Mr. Porter’s class. We will mostly read with them, but sometimes we will participate in learning activities together.

Today our buddies were were proud to teach us what they had just learned about Partner Reading (sharing one book, sitting side by side, taking turns, etc). and we were VERY proud to read the storybooks to them! Many of us can remember when we were the “little buddies” so it feels great to be the “big kids” now!

We can’t wait to forge lasting relationships with our big buddies over the course of this school year. Mrs. Edwards has never been so impressed by the beautiful report that was established so quickly between reading buddies as it was with our students today.

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