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on September 14, 2018

Wow! What another wonderful week of learning we had. Read below to find out what your child learned in our 3B Class this week. Enjoy the photos!

Reading Workshop 

As readers we are really getting deep into the “meat” of reading- understanding what we read. We began the week by focusing on retelling a story using the characters, setting, problem and solution to get to the heart of the story. We reviewed characters in stories and discussed their personality traits. We learned that not only do we become stronger readers by reading books, but we also learn new and interesting information, especially from non-fiction books. Next week, we w background knowledge by making and sharing text-to-text, text-to-self and text-to-world connections. These comprehension strategies will be instrumental in building our reading lives!


Writing Workshop 

As writers this week continued learning writing personal narratives, while moving through the writing process with greater independence.  This week’s focus was using mentor authors to help use writing techniques to make our writing more sophisticated (see anchor chart below).  Next week we will highlight the importance of getting to the heart of our story by zooming in on the most important part and stretching it out.  We will also delve into paragraphing.



As mathematicians assessed our progress in understanding of the following concepts:

• Using the array model and familiar skip counting strategies to solidify understanding of multiplication

• Becoming fluent with arithmetic patterns to “add” and “subtract” groups to solve multiplication and division problems

• Develop understanding of the break apart strategy (distributive property)

As the week progressed we began use tape diagrams to solve word problems. A tape diagram is a model that students draw in order to help visualize the relationships between quantities.  Next week we will begin Math Workshop, in which we will be working in small strategy groups with the teacher.



Unit of Inquiry- People Can Collaborate to Organise Society 

This week we continued to look at collaboration, decision making, responsibilities and how we organize ourselves. We began a “Community Box” in which we can share what’s in our heart, when we are feeling happy, when our buckets are dipped- anything that’s on our mind! We discussed systems in our classroom that work, and systems that don’t work, and how we can fix those systems. We are excited about a design challenge that will happen next week with a focus on collaboration and decision making.

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