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Designers, Collaborators and Publishers!

on September 28, 2018

It’s been another full week (and a half) of learning since our last post. Just read below and see how much we’ve grown as readers, writers, mathematicians, and collaborators over the past 9 days:

Reading Workshop

As readers this week, we used “grit” to tackle challenging words. Having “grit” means to never give up when we come to a difficult word. We learned and implemented different reading strategies to figure out the difficult words including: chunking the word, searching for context clues, and finding figurative language. After the holidays, we will discover that the author of the book has a very specific purpose for writing the text (author’s purpose.)

Writing Workshop

We completed our first unit of study this week! Today we finished publishing and posting our personal narratives on SeeSaw. We appreciate your feedback already, parents! This genre has given our writing community more of an opportunity to learn about each other as we have shared many stories from our lives.  As writers, we moved through the writing process and did an amazing job focusing on revising, editing and publishing.


This week as mathematicians will applied the distributive property to create friendly numbers & solve two-step word problems involving multiplication and division. We also created a student-made Math Word Wall. Check it out in the picture below. It really shows our understanding in math. After the holiday, we will begin a new unit in math (place value and measurement). 

Unit of Inquiry

This we our final week for this unit! It was the perfect way to end the unit with a design challenge assessment. After our design challenge, we reflected on our responsibilities, decision making, collaboration and organisational skills during the challenge. It was very rewarding to see how we have grown in these areas. After the holiday, our next UOI will be science-based (Climate). 

Guidance Lesson with Mr. Bywater

Because of schedule conflicts, we were excited to have our first guidance lesson with Mr. Bywater this week. We discussed the value of treating everyone with kindness, despite our differences. Then we played a fun game of getting to know more about one another by stepping into the circle according to our “likes.” 

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  1. Eva says:

    Good job kids!
    and thank you for sharing nice photos!

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