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Wonderers, Brainstormers and Thinkers

on October 12, 2018

This week was full of making wonderings, brainstorming ideas and putting our brain to great use by discovering the idea of elapsed time! Just read below to see our learning this week.

Reading Workshop

We couldn’t wait to wait to begin devouring our non-fiction texts during our workshop time this week. First, we learned that non-fictions readers really “rev up” their minds before reading, they think “What sort of text is this? Is it a narrative, expository, a hybrid?” Then we noticed text features including: titles, subtitles, photos and subtopics. Once we knew for sure it’s a non-fiction text (that’s just-right for us) we dug even deeper. We began to really read for understanding. We found the main idea and used clues the author gave us as supporting evidence to give us more details to support the main idea. We loved sharing the most interesting facts we read about everyday!

Writing Workshop

This week we launched writing about Non-Fiction topics. First, we researched a variety of Non-Fiction books and noticed the text features they have (see image above). Then we learned from a mentor non-fiction author, Melissa Stuart (https://www.melissa-stewart.com) We discussed how we get ideas for non-fiction writing. Finally, we brainstormed topics we are already experts at and topics we want to research in which we can become experts.

Math Workshop

As mathematicians we transitioned to Module 2 which uses place value to unify measurement, rounding skills, and the standard algorithms for addition and subtraction.  The module begins with plenty of hands-on experience using a variety of tools to build practical measurement skills and conceptual understanding of metric and time units. See the “Tips for Parents” below for more information on how you can help your child. 

Unit of Inquiry 

We have started a new Unit of Inquiry around “Where we are in Place and Time.” The central idea is The change of climate affects our lives.  In this unit, students will inquire into changes in climate, types of climate and natural disasters. This week, we focused on on student questioning (see our “Wonder Wall”) and tuning into the new content.


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  1. Mrs. K says:

    Wow! 3B has been busy! I enjoyed watching your elapsed time activities. Also, I can’t wait to read the informational writing.
    -Mrs. K

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