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on October 19, 2018


In reading workshop this week, we looked deeper into analyzing text features and learning how to teach facts to our classmates and our families in an interesting way. Towards the end of the week, we set a nonfiction reading goal for ourselves, focusing on becoming stronger readers for understanding. 

Our goals are posted on our “Reading Life” baggies. Ask your child why they chose that goal for themselves. 


As writers this week, we continued going strong as nonfiction writers by organizing our chapters, experimenting with different structures, and using a checklist to help us revise as we go.

Talk with your child about the book they are writing and the choices they are making as nonfiction authors!


We loved kicking off Math Workshop this week. We realise that working in differentiated groups  strengthens our own mathematical needs as a learner. During math workshop, we reviewed skills with teammates, worked independently, reviewed facts and worked with Ms. Edwards and our team teachers. We also used place value and problem-solving to measure weights, focusing on grams and kilograms. 

Measuring grams and kilograms:

Math Workshop Teams:


Unit of Inquiry: We adapt to the climate we live in. 

This week we looked at two main questions: 

What is climate? and What is weather? 

We were given many opportunities to research in books and online. We split into continent teams and researched the climate of different parts of the world and presented our findings with our class. 

If any parents are weather or climate experts- please reach out to any of the third grade teachers as we’d love to have you come in and share your knowledge!

KC Reading Buddies 

This week we reflected upon how it went with our reading buddies. Enjoy the comments! 

“I asked Kaitlynn questions about the book and could answer!” -Heather

“My reading buddy, Jasmine, laughed at the interesting pictures.” -Lisa

“My buddy wasn’t here, but I read with Sally’s buddy Cohen, and he made a connection to the story.” -Liwu

“Gabe was really interested into the book and talking about it with me.” -Liam

“Virginia made predictions about what would happen in the story!” -Avery

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