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on October 25, 2018

Reading Workshop

As informational text readers this week, we were critical thinkers by analysing author’s ideas and discussing our own opinions against the author of the book. Towards the end of the week, we learned to lift the level of our conversations with our reading partner. We learned the qualities of a great conversation, which include: the conversation stays on interesting topics, the listener asks questions, and new ideas come up in the conversation. Tonight we will bring home our conversation notes- ask your child what interesting topic they discussed with their partner today!

Some great examples of analysing the author’s opinion: 

Writing Workshop

As writers this week, we continued drafting within nonfiction.  As we read more and more nonfiction texts, we are becoming experts in how to write within the genre.  We began to make connections across chapters, balance facts and ideas, research facts for accuracy and revise as we go. 


As mathematicians we showed what we know on a mid-module assessment. This helped our teachers to individualise their instruction & help us continue on our learning journey. Next week, we will focus on rounding to the nearest ten and hundred.  We will begin with hands-on experiences and then use a number line to support our understanding of rounding. See the anchor chart below for a better understanding of what we will be focusing on next week:

Unit of Inquiry: Where We are in Place and Time

Central Idea: We Adapt to the Climate we Live in 

We continued focus on different climates of the world this week. We broke into “Climate Teams” and researched what the major climates of the world are and how we adapt to live in each climate. There has been a change to our central idea, “We adapt to the climate we live in.”

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