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on November 2, 2018

It was an amazing week, full of researching, teamwork and cultural celebrations. Read more below!

Reading Workshop

In reader’s workshop this week, we discussed the difference between expository non-fiction and narrative non-fiction. Through our research on climate, we are reading expository non-fiction. We learned that biographies are an example of narrative non-fiction. We loved choosing an interesting person to research and summarising their lives and created a timeline of their lives. Talk to your child about who they researched and ask about what character traits he/she have. 

Writing Workshop

As writers this week, we are continued to draft within our nonfiction books. We are growing in our awareness more and more by understanding how Nonfiction texts are structured and trying out some of these structures within our own writing.  


This week as mathematicians, we continued building our estimation skills by rounding.  As the week moved  on focused on rounding to the nearest ten and hundred.  We began with hands-on experiences and then moved to using a number line to support our understanding of rounding. We incorporated our learning on numbers, rounding and measurement using the pumpkins our parents so generously donated:

Unit of Inquiry: Where We are in Place and Time

Central Idea: We Adapt to the Climate we Live in 

This week we finished our “Climates of the World” posters. Towards the end of the week, we began to research natural disasters around the world and discover if natural disasters are linked to climate. Check out our incredible teamwork below of our Climate Posters:

And last but not least, on Wednesday we had an incredible Halloween Celebration, thanks to our wonderful PSA Parents. Thank you to all our wonderful 3B Parents who took hours from their week planning, organising and leading our super fun Halloween Stations!

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