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on November 9, 2018


As Readers and Writers this week, we were researchers by choosing a topic of interest from our UOI and using both books and online sources to gather information. We learned the importance of giving credit to our sources and putting information into our own words.  As readers and writers of Nonfiction, we are preparing to publish a book that we have written within the unit. We are looking forward to sharing our book and our presentation with our parents next week at our Climate Fair! 


Ms. Edwards has adjusted how the “Weekly RAZ Kids” winners are chosen- now that we’ve all had the opportunity for a weekly win, Ms. Edwards will make it a bit more challenging- whoever can complete ONE LEVEL will win for the week. How many winners will we have next week?!



As mathematicians, we continued building our estimation skills by rounding. We finished up this math unit compiling all we have learned into vocabulary word wall and taking an assessment. We are looking forward beginning Module 3 next week! In this unit, we will dive deeper into multiplication and division and begin to memorise multiplication facts- now that we understand their meaning!

Unit of Inquiry: Where We are in Place and Time

Central Idea: We Adapt to the Climate we Live in 

We worked so hard for the climate fair next week. We choose from a menu of options how to demonstrate our learning from our UOI. Our presentations include lots of questioning, researching and creating something to share. We are having fun learning about how to make a movie using Green Screen and making dioramas! We will share our project/presentation next week at our Climate Fair.

Social/Emotional- Problem Solving with Mr. Bywater 

Mr. Bywater has been working hard with us in understanding how we can solve problems on our own. He taught us about Kelso the Frog, and how we can think about a good choice to make when we have a problem.

We learned there are two kinds of problems. Big problems and Small problems:

We know a big problem is when we feel scared or worried. A big problem can be solved by a “big person” (or an adult). That’s when we need to get a teacher or a parent immediately.  If something dangerous is happening, like someone is throwing rocks, or someone is hurt- that’s a big problem.

We learned a small problem is when we feel angry or annoyed. That’s when “small people” or we, as kids, can solve the problem for ourselves. For example, if someone takes our place on the carpet, or won’t share with us- that’s a problem we can solve by ourselves.


Class Community- We are Bucket Fillers! 

With the addition of our new friend, Miranda, Ms. Edwards thought it would be great to remind everyone about bucket filling. First, we re-read “Have You Filled a Bucket Today” by Carol McCloud and then we each note a random note of kindness to someone in our class. Just see the smiling faces as we are passing and reading our notes!


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