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Kids for Kindness, Team Players and Climate Experts!

on November 16, 2018


In the beginning of the week, we up the research portion our  their climate fair project. Towards the end of the week, we recalled what we’ve learned about making predictions, connections and making our thinking visible as we read.

As writers this week, we be wrapped up the learning we have been doing within writing nonfiction books.  Then we chose our best book written within the unit and revised, edited and published to share with the school at the Climate Fair.


As mathematicians, we began by revisiting the commutative property, and studying familiar facts from previous learning to identify known facts using units of 6, 7, 8, and 9. We realised that we already know more than half of our facts through recognition, for example, that if we know 2 × 8, we also know 8 × 2 through commutativity.

Unit of Inquiry: Where We are in Place and Time

Central Idea: We Adapt to the Climate we Live in 

This was our final week of our Where We are in Place and Time” unit! It was incredible to share our learning, through books, eBooks, posters and green screen presentations. Not only did we have a wonderful with our parents, but we also got to show off our Climate Fair with many SIS students, teachers and administrators. Thank you for your support, everyone in our SIS Community! 

Social/Emotional Growth: Kindness “Week” in 3B

This was a wonderful week of “Bucket Filling” for our class. Rather than focusing on kindness for only one SIS Spirit Day, we felt inspired to continue the kindness by writing notes for our friends and dropping it in their “Kindness Box” (or envelope). The kindness bingo game we played really motivated us to write notes to the people who help us everyday, including Mr. Kanabar, Mrs. K, Mr. B, Mr. Elliot, Ms. Shepherd, Ms. Hobbs, Ms. Ballesteros, Mrs. Livingston, Mr. Bywater, Ms. Hamley and Ms. Jane in the cafeteria!

Team Players: The Golden Sneaker Winners! 

Due to our excellent collaboration and sportsmanship, we were awarded an extra PE Lesson from Mr. Elliot. We had so much fun playing a game with him. Thanks, Mr. Elliot.

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