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Global Citizens, Decision Makers and Super Skip Counters!

on November 23, 2018


As readers this week, we learned that reading about new and interesting cultures is a wonderful way to understand immerse ourselves in our new Unit of Inquiry: Communities create and share diverse cultural experiences and stories. In reading workshop, we conducted a “book hunt” in our classroom library to find books that teach about cultures. With these books we made connections, predictions and shared our ideas and inferences with our peers.  As writers we will embarked upon an open genre unit! In writing workshop, we were given the choice of writing within different genres of interest, while using mentor texts to guide us in the decisions we made.  Some of the learning that will be a focus within this unit is:  setting goals, using detail, organisation, and conventions.


As Mathematicians this week, we focused on making the use of structure to problem solve. We learned the conventional order for performing operations when parentheses are and are not present in an equation.  We continued to practice learning multiplication through skip counting. We are getting very fast at skip counting through 7’s during math workshop!

 Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are  

Central Idea: Communities Create & Share Diverse Cultural experiences & Stories  

We had an amazing launch to our new UOI this week! Our central idea is “Communities create and share diverse cultural experiences and stories.” Thank you to our fabulous parents who came in this week to share more about your culture with us! Next week, we will dig deep into family stories and sharing experiences.

On Monday, Ammy’s and Ryan’s parents taught us the very interesting history and origin of the ancient Chinese kite. Did you know kites were invented by the Chinese to send messages during war? After their very educational lesson, we got to make our very own authentic kite to bring home!

On Tuesday, Liam’s mum, Ms. Hamley taught us so much about the culture in New Zealand. She taught us the special Maori embrace, called a “Hongi.”  She taught us about the All Blacks team and the haka dance and why New Zealanders call themselves “Kiwi’s”  Then we got to try some delicious fairy bread and marmite toast!

On Wednesday, Jacob’s mom and Sally’s parents taught us the history of the Korean Language. We learned it’s quite simple to learn with only 24 characters. Then we learned how to write our own names in Korean! 

On Thursday, Jun’s mom and Serina’s mom taught us a fun and delicious way to make Somen noodles. You must run the noodles through a water maze and be the first one to pull them out with chopsticks, then you add the noodles to a delicious sauce. It was very tricky, but the taste was worth the effort! Jun’s mom was so kind to let Ms. Edwards wear an authentic Japanese Kimono for the lesson. Thank you! 

On Friday, we began the day with a wonderful International Day Parade with all of the SIS Students. Mei Mei was so brave to stand up in front of the school and share what 3B Thinks what it means to be globally minded, which was the following statement: 

“3B Students are globally minded because we understand that even though we come from diverse cultures…

We still live

We still think 

We still feel 

In many of the same ways. This connects all of us.”

After the parade, Milosz’s mom taught us all about Poland including the dancing, the gorgeous landscape, the history and the delicious food- she brought us a delicious apple strudel cake to enjoy!

Here are some pictures of our International Potluck from Wednesday, what an incredible week of  learning, culture and fun! Thank you 3B parents for your outpouring of kindness and support! 

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